What gamer are you?

Let me lighten the tone with a one question quiz…

Which name from this list do you like the most?

A. Master Chief
B. Cloud Strife
C. Spyro
D. Crash Bandicoot
E. Mario
F. Sonic

Let me give you a minute while you decide on your answer.

Here is the answer.

If you chose A (Master Chief), then you are a Microsoft fanboy. I think you are using Windows 10, with Office, and love Paint.

If you chose C (Spyro) or D (Crash Bandicoot), then you are a Sony Playstation kid. You remember the Mascot war. Crash, of course, won the war. However, Spyro was the better choice. It’s too bad that Insomniac didn’t know how to keep a good thing going.

If you chose B (Cloud Strife), you are one who changed allegiance away from Nintendo. You might or might not be a Playstation fan, but do realize that Square switching from Nintendo to Sony for Final Fantasy VII was the best thing for everyone. Not only was the game a legend in its own right, it freed the grasp of Nintendo’s dominance on video gaming.

If you chose E (Mario), you are a true Nintendo fanboi. If you could, your room would be dedicated to Nintendo game features like Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, Donkey Kong to name a few. You probably have played every Nintendo console (if you don’t have all of them right now).

If you chose F (Sonic), you really are a classic gamer, hating Nintendo. You still think Sega Genesis is the best console ever. While you are sad at Sega’s demise in gaming, you might have a game console–as long as it’s not made by Nintendo.

If you insisted on choosing none (which is cheating, but what can I say?), then you really aren’t a gamer. Let me give you that blue pill to guide you back to reality.

If you chose more than one, or all of them (which is still cheating….*frown face*) then you are a true gamer. You do not care what you get, as long as it is given to you on a silver spoon. Skip the snacks and drinks: you can have that intravenously, as long as you have a controller and any game on the screen.

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